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    Born in Norway in 1976, Kristen Vestgård studied painting and drawing in Nordfjord and Oslo before coming to the UK in 1997 to work for a BA in Fine Art at Falmouth College of Art. Three years later her studies culminated in a sell-out degree show. Although she continued to live in Cornwall for a further ten years, her paintings becoming increasingly sought after by galleries in both London and the West Country, it is the indefinably Nordic quality to her work that one instantly senses.

    kristin vestgard001

    kristin vestgard002

    kristin vestgard003

    kristin vestgard004

    kristin vestgard005

    kristin vestgard006

    kristin vestgard007

    kristin vestgard008

    kristin vestgard009

    kristin vestgard010

    kristin vestgard011

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    kristin vestgard017

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    kristin vestgard019

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