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Katja 可爱手绘猫头鹰

  • 来自Katja 的一组超级可爱的手绘猫头鹰作品,充满着童趣。

    I was born in 1983, in the city enlaced by lattice openwork of palaces and places, by drizzle from Baltic sea that settles on hair, and by white nights that tie up around chest and make a heart jump out to freedom… In St Petersburg.
    My parents are a classic product of the Pedagogical University. And I am a natural product of the two teachers’ education. But honestly, I don’t mind. I really like what became of me.

    Katja (1)

    Katja (2)

    Katja (3)

    Katja (4)

    Katja (5)

    Katja (6)

    Katja (7)

    Katja (8)

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