Tang Kwok Hin的透明玻璃拼贴

  • Tang Kwok Hin, a mixed media artist and independent curator, was born in 1983 and raised in Hong Kong. He received his Master of Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008 and Bachelor of Arts (major in Fine Arts) in 2006. He focuses on the occasion, space, time and way of encountering images or symbols to explore hidden rules in living and existing context for self-expression.

    Tang Kwok Hint01

    Tang Kwok Hint02

    Tang Kwok Hint03

    Tang Kwok Hint04

    Tang Kwok Hint05

    Tang Kwok Hint06

    Tang Kwok Hint07

    Tang Kwok Hint08

    Tang Kwok Hint09

    Tang Kwok Hint10

    Transparent collage on glass by Tang Kwok Hin

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